Student Composition Class

Class Cl: 16 years and under
Class C2: 17 to 21 years
Class C3: 22 to 25 years

Composer/Clinician:  TBA

Students are invited to submit their compositions in the age appropriate class.

Compositions may be in any medium, including electronic, and of duration from 2 to 10 minutes.  (Indicate the work’s duration on score or tape).

Compositions must be unpublished, and must not have been performed before the general public prior to adjudication.

Scores submitted must be clearly legible COPIES of the original. Audio recordings must be of good listening quality, and must clearly indicate all technical details needed for proper playback if required.

To ensure that the adjudicator does not know the identity of the composers, each score and recording must have the composer’s PSEUDONYM ONLY (not the composer’s name) at the top right-hand corner of the first page.  On a separate page, the composer must indicate their pseudonym AND their own name and birth date.  If more than one score is submitted, a list of titles should also be included on the accompanying page.  A separate fee is required for each score. A maximum of three scores may be submitted.

A self-addressed envelope of proper size and with sufficient postage must be included with the submission if return of scores and materials is requested with adjudication sheet.

Entry Fees: C1: $25.00   C2: $60.00  C3: $100.00

Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2017.

CS2017 Student Composition Class Poster

CS2017 Student Composition Class Entry Form

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