Contemporary Showcase

Experience the music of today!

The only festival of its kind in Canada, Contemporary Showcase is devoted entirely to music by Canadian composers. It is non-competitive in that no marks are awarded, no ranking given and the adjudications take place in a master class atmosphere designed to be informative and supportive. Outstanding performers are further encouraged through scholarship recognition. Many scholarship recipients of the past festivals have gone on to make their mark in the music world. Notables include Jean Stillwell, Scott St. John, Measha Brueggergosman, Lara St. John, and Stewart Goodyear.

The organization is growing and being recognized as one that is currently building performers, composers and audiences for the future. No other organization continues to promote the performance, composition and study of Canadian Contemporary Music.

On recommendation of the adjudicators, the Concert Committee will select from the many scholarship recipients, a selection of students to perform at the Showcase Concert.

About the Showcase Classes

    • There are no age restrictions in any of the classes.  Many classes are structured to accommodate differences between conservatories. (Eg.: Class 103, Grades 3-4)
      In most classes, students may enter up to two pieces per class; however students may choose to only enter one piece. If there is a piece a student wishes to play that’s not listed in the syllabus, consult your Centre Coordinator or contact the ACNMP Office.
    • Pieces do not need to be memorized nor completely perfected; however students should have a good understanding of the piece.
  • Written and verbal adjudication is given along with further demonstration or hands-on work with students according to time allowance. The focus of the festival is to provide helpful commentary about the performance of the music and the composers. Adjudication focuses mainly on the presentation of the music, interpretation, understanding of the music and musicianship.
  • Centres may choose to award scholarships on the adjudicators’ recommendations and present these at the Showcase Concert.