Scholarships & Awards


ACNMP Awards
The ACNMP awards were established in 1998 to recognize the most promising performer of the festival. With the generous support of donors ACNMP is proud to offer scholarships and awards to students participating in their local Contemporary Showcase Festivals. At your local festival the adjudicator may recommend some students for these awards if they fit the criteria. If you are nominated for an award you can submit a video of your performance along with the following information: performer’s name, a copy of the score, what award you have been nominated for, and what Contemporary Showcase you are representing (ex. Calgary). All submissions should be sent to by December 16th.

The Louise MacPherson Memorial Award

This award is established in memory of Louise MacPherson, a prominent music teacher in Saskatoon, Vice President for the Canadian Music Competitions, and long-serving executive of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers’ Association.  It is funded by her daughter Jill Kelman and the Canadian Music Centre.  It is awarded to Composition Students based on the recommendation of the National Composer/Adjudicator.

The Mary Gardiner Award of Performance Excellence
This award has been established to honour Mary Gardiner – a composer, pianist, educator, mentor, great champion of Canadian music, and long- serving President of Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects. Each Centre may submit one Senior (Grade 9 and above) and one Junior (up to and including Grade 8) candidate on the recommendation of the adjudicator.

The Mary Hildebrand Memorial Award for Performance Excellence 
This award was established to honour Mary Hildebrand, teacher, composer, and dedicated supporter of Contemporary Showcase Mississauga. Each Contemporary Showcase Centre may submit one Senior (Grade 9 and above) solo performance on the recommendation of the adjudicator.

The Ann Southam National Award

This award was established in memory of composer Ann Southam by her family and will recognize an outstanding performance of a work by a Canadian female composer.  Each Contemporary Showcase centre may submit one Senior (Grade 10 and above) and one Junior candidate (up to and including Grade 9).

John Weinzweig Centenary Scholarship

This award was established to honour John Weinzweig, “The Dean of Canadian Composers.” Solo performances of any Weinzweig composition or a work by a first or second generation Weinzweig student will be accepted. Each Contemporary Showcase centre may nominate one performer at the Junior Level (up to and including Grade 8)  and the Senior Level (Grade 9 and above).


Dr. J. Herbert Rice Cup (Maritimes)                              Dr.J.Herbert Rice was a dentist who practiced in Halifax from 1906 until 1963. Born in Weymouth, Digby County in 1886, Dr.Rice donated the Rice Cup when the Maritime Conservatory was the organizer of the city’s annual music festival in the 1930’s and was known to be an avid music lover.  This award was established in 2021 to recognize an outstanding performance.

The Dianne and Robert Aitken Award (Toronto)
This award was established in 2006 to recognize promising flutists in the Contemporary Showcase Festival’s Toronto Centre.

Samuel Dolin Memoriam Award (Toronto)
Samuel Dolin was one of Canada’s important composers and beloved teacher of many of today’s composers, including Ann Southam and Mary Gardiner. He believed in each creator finding his or her own voice. This award is for Performance and Composition.

The Mary Gardiner Award (Toronto)
This award was established several years ago to honour ACNMP’s long-time president. It is presented to student(s) who participated for several years in Contemporary Showcase
Festival at a high level of performance. This performer is encouraged to apply for the corresponding National award.

The Mary Hildebrand Award (Toronto)
This award was established in 2014 to honour Mary Hildebrand, a teacher, composer, and dedicated supporter of Contemporary Showcase. It is presented to one senior solo
participant each year. This performer is encouraged to apply for the corresponding National award.

The Elaine Kruse Memorial Award (Toronto)
Established in 2008 and to be presented to promising young pianists, this award honours Elaine’s long standing association with ACNMP and the Contemporary Showcase Festival – Toronto Centre. Elaine’s leadership as president, her vision as a chairperson, and her unique and special guidance as a teacher encouraged us to recognize her in this manner, being one of ACNMP’s outstanding advocates of Canadian music.