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Updates to Syllabus

Our webmaster has been working hard to update the program which stores our syllabus entries. We are in the process of updating our entries to give you more Canadian music to explore! We aren’t quite done yet but wanted to get some rough updates up for you. Here is a draft of updates for Brass and Percussion from our call for scores!

We appreciate your patience as we are continuing to update software and are continuing to update our entries.

Congratulations to our National Award Winners

Thank you to our participants in local Contemporary Showcase Festivals and for your hard work and dedication. Every year some of these performers are nominated for consideration for our National Award Scholarships.

After some hard deliberation on the part of our adjudicators for National Awards the scholarship winners have been chosen. All the candidates were wonderful representatives for their local centres and have shown great commitment to excellence. Please join me in congratulating the winners of our National Awards.

John Weinzweig Junior 2023
Michael Rico-Lam, Edmonton

John Weinzweig Senior 2023
Charlotte Kiang, Edmonton

Ann Southam National Award Junior 2023
Teren Yu, Mississauga

Ann Southam National Award Senior 2023
Carina Shum, Toronto

The Louise MacPherson Memorial Award 2023 
Gaoyuan Thomas Cheng, Regina

The Mary Gardiner Award Junior 2023
Adam Karsli, Toronto

The Mary Gardiner Award Senior 2023
Channan Ngo, Calgary

The Mary Hildebrand Memorial Senior 2023
Esther Zhu, Saskatoon

We will be sharing some of the videos of these performances in the coming weeks, please keep an eye on our social media channels so you don’t miss any!

Meet Our Adjudicators for National Awards

Christopher Reiche Boucher is a performer and composer known for his enthusiasm for performing and composing for unusual instruments and performance situations. His compositions have been performed by Cathy Fern Lewis and Marina Hasselberg, the Emily Carr String Quartet, Negative Zed Ensemble, Pembroke Symphony Orchestra, ContaQt, and Quatuor Bozzini. In June 2017, he completed a solo 24 hour performance of Erik Satie’s Vexations in Prince George at the Casse-Tête Festival of Experimental Music.

Reiche Boucher frequently performed in Victoria BC at A Place to Listen and on concerts hosted by the Victoria Composers Collective. Before becoming Librarian for the Victoria Symphony, he helped establish the Canadian Music Centre’s Victoria Creative Hub and programmed concerts as the New Music Coordinator for Open Space Arts Society. He currently lives in Toronto where he is Principal Librarian for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Call for Scores: Works for Voice

With the generous support from the SOCAN Foundation The Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects announces a Call-for-Scores of works for voice (including works for voice and piano, score reductions, etc) for inclusion in the Contemporary Showcase Syllabus.

The Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects (ACNMP) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Canadian contemporary music. Throughout our history, it has been our mission to encourage teachers to teach Canadian contemporary music, to motivate students to study and perform this music, and to encourage Canadian composers to write music for students of all levels from the most junior to the paraprofessional.

Our Mission is to commission, promote, and preserve Canadian contemporary music as a cornerstone of our national heritage by fostering its performance among students, teachers, and performers through education, festivals, and workshops.

Contemporary Showcase

Presented annually by ACNMP for the past 54 years, Contemporary Showcase is a national non-competitive festival featuring 100% Canadian contemporary works taking place in twelve centres across four provinces. Contemporary Showcase is wholly educational and inclusive, and aims to develop and disseminate Canadian compositions. 

ACNMP has compiled a wide-ranging and varied syllabus of over 2,200 Canadian works for a variety of solo instruments (from piano to double bass to soprano saxophone) and ensembles (from brass quintet and string quartet to full-sized choirs and wind bands) spanning over 100 years. These works are scrutinized pedagogically by ACNMP’s repertoire reviewers and divided into different levels for students to study, present and perform in a master class format for expert adjudicators.

Call-for-Scores: Voice

Submissions to the Contemporary Showcase syllabus should ideally:

  • Have musical, educational, and pedagogical value for both teacher and performer
  • Contain new ideas or techniques introduced or presented in a novel or interesting way
  • Strike an appropriate balance between composition length and difficulty, keeping the skill and ability level of the intended performer in mind
  • Represent and/or contribute to the cultural fabric of Canada

Composers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Please carefully read submission details from the documents below. Fill out and submit to

Deadline is December 31, 2023.

Submission for Syllabus Evaluation Form

*Please note that an ACNMP Membership is not a requirement to submit to the Call-for-Scores; however, the membership fee does help off-set our administrative costs and there is a new special rate for composers!