2014 Award Recipients


Mary Hildebrand Memorial Award for Performance Excellence:

Jocelyn Fralick, voice, Toronto

Adjudicator: David G Duke

For me Ms Fralick’s performance of the Cardy songs stands out: a significant work,
given a nuanced and confident performance. In general, the standard is very fine indeed
and one can see how every entry could deserve recognition.

Mary Gardiner Award of Performance Excellence:

General Comments

Mary Gardiner devoted her life to educating young people about the joys of playing
music by Canadian Composers. She was tireless in her efforts to bring about the best in
students’ performances no matter what the grade, the style or the composer. To really do
justice to the music, the music had to come from within — a musical place deep inside
our souls. I believe that it was this passionate sharing of music and song that sparked
Mary Gardiner’s creativity to write music. And today, you young people are sharing your
passion with us.

Thank you to all the students for their hard work and dedication in performing this
wonderful music for consideration for this award. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each
and every performance. Ultimately, it was those musicians who found that musical place
deep down within themselves that captured my musical attention for these awards.

Adjudicated by Tannis Fast Vetter — January 2015

Mary Gardiner: Senior: Vivian Kukiel, Violin, Toronto

Junior: Caroline Boerner, soprano, Mississauga

John Weinzweig Centenary Scholarship: Junior: Simon Kuttner, piano, Ottawa

Adjudicator: Daniel Weinzweig

Mary Hildebrand Memorial Award for Performance Excellence

ACNMP is pleased to announce a new National Award:

The Mary Hildebrand Memorial Award for Performance Excellence

Mary Hildebrand was a teacher, composer and dedicated supporter of Contemporary Showcase Mississauga. This award has been established by Mary’s family.

Qualification: Each Contemporary Showcase Centre may submit one senior (grade 9 and up) solo performance on the recommendation of the adjudicator.

Procedure: The Centre must notify ACNMP of their nominee’s name and their piece(s). Each nominee will submit a performance by December 13 of the festival year via a personal youtube video. The recipient will be announced on the ACNMP website by January 20. The award will be sent by mail.

Amount of Award: $500.00

John Weinzweig Centenary Scholarship


ALLIANCE FOR CANADIAN NEW MUSIC PROJECTS  and Contemporary Showcase are pleased to announce the

John Weinzweig Scholarship

To honour John Weinzweig, “the Dean of Canadian Composers”, ACNMP is pleased to announce a scholarship for the performance of solo works by Weinzweig. The scholarship is funded by “John Weinzweig ONE HUNDRED YEARS 1913-2013”.

The performer must have participated in a Contemporary Showcase and be recommended by the centre coordinator.

Solo performances of any Weinzweig composition on the ACNMP syllabus (www.acnmp.ca) or of a solo work listed on www.johnweinzweig.com. are accepted.

Submissions can be done through a personal youtube video submitted to acnmp@rogers.com by December 13,2014.

There will be a junior (up to grade 8) and a senior scholarship (grades 9 and up).  The two recipients will also receive a Weinzweig Biography.

The submission does not have to be a recording of the Contemporary Showcase performance.