Composer Spotlight: Bryan Malito

As part of our project to update our syllabus we are adding new works for brass and percussion. We would like to feature some of the composers that we are adding and help promote their hard work. Meet Bryan Malito!

Bryan Frank Malito was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He is the son of Patrick Malito, a music educator and pianist born in Grimaldi, Italy. Having full access to musical instruments from his father’s private music academy, he demonstrated a love for drums and percussion instruments at an early age. Throughout his early years, he performed in local concert bands, orchestras, and contemporary ensembles. As a music educator for London District Catholic School Board, Malito continued to be an active student and performer. He studied percussion with D’Arcy Gray, Salvatore Rabbio, Louis Charbonneau, Charles Dowd, Jean Norman Deluca, Dr. Russell Hartenberger. Bryan has performed with Orchestra London, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, National Academy Orchestra, Brassroots, Intrada Brass, and the London Symphonia. In 2014, he earned a Doctor of Musical Arts at Boston University.

During his doctoral studies, Malito explored the possibilities of critical thinking within the context of world percussion music education. During his research, it was possible to identify the phenomenon of conscientization through pedagogical of teaching authenticity, dialogical inquiry, dialectical thinking, and critical praxis. As a result, this research forged the mid-ranged theory of critical multicultural music education (CMME).

Malito’s percussion compositions are used for educational purposes. Specifically, these works strengthen students’ technical proficiency and musicianship. While smaller compositions focus on recital performances, Malito’s large percussion ensemble compositions are meant for the percussion classroom, having a full complement of mallet keyboard instruments (i.e., glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, and chimes). In addition, these classroom ensemble pieces have greater utility in the music classroom, having optional parts for less experience players. Visit for percussion teaching resources and compositions.

Bryan’s works Matekpo for marimba, and Mosaic Rhythms for percussion ensemble are being added to the ACNMP syllabus. Thank you!