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Meet Our Board of Directors: Peter Sudbury

Peter Sudbury has enjoyed a career mix of playing his French Horn, Arts Administration, and Education. A graduate of York University he studied under notable Canadian musicians: hornist James MacDonald and bassoonist James Mackay. From there he was diverted by Arts Administration serving as the Director of the Performing Arts Office at Queen’s University and the first General Manager of Showplace Peterborough. While at Queen’s he brought to the Kingston stages such world-renowned artists like: hornist Hermann Baumann, soprano Emma Kirkby, The King’s Singers, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and les Ballets Jazz de Montréal. It was during this time he was asked to be a Juror for the Juno Awards and the Ontario Arts Council.

After amusing himself with such a past time he went on to care for his family and continued to participate in his home community of Peterborough with membership in the Boards of the Peterborough Symphony and the Peterborough Concert Association.

As General Manager of Showplace Peterborough he opened and managed the operation of the theatre and programmed concerts by acclaimed artists like Michael Burgess, Carol Welsmann, and Blue Rodeo.

For the past 15 years or so, Peter was an educator teaching elementary school in the Peterborough area, as well as conducting the Peterborough Concert Band and a variety of musicals from Anything Goes to Les Misérables.

AGM: September 17th

Our annual AGM is taking place online on September 17th at 11AM Eastern. If you are a member of the ACNMP you are invited to join and give us your thoughts and feedback. If you aren’t a member it’s easy to join and we would love to hear from you! Email for the meeting link or more information. See you next week!

Composer Spotlight: Bryan Malito

As part of our project to update our syllabus we are adding new works for brass and percussion. We would like to feature some of the composers that we are adding and help promote their hard work. Meet Bryan Malito!

Bryan Frank Malito was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He is the son of Patrick Malito, a music educator and pianist born in Grimaldi, Italy. Having full access to musical instruments from his father’s private music academy, he demonstrated a love for drums and percussion instruments at an early age. Throughout his early years, he performed in local concert bands, orchestras, and contemporary ensembles. As a music educator for London District Catholic School Board, Malito continued to be an active student and performer. He studied percussion with D’Arcy Gray, Salvatore Rabbio, Louis Charbonneau, Charles Dowd, Jean Norman Deluca, Dr. Russell Hartenberger. Bryan has performed with Orchestra London, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, National Academy Orchestra, Brassroots, Intrada Brass, and the London Symphonia. In 2014, he earned a Doctor of Musical Arts at Boston University.

During his doctoral studies, Malito explored the possibilities of critical thinking within the context of world percussion music education. During his research, it was possible to identify the phenomenon of conscientization through pedagogical of teaching authenticity, dialogical inquiry, dialectical thinking, and critical praxis. As a result, this research forged the mid-ranged theory of critical multicultural music education (CMME).

Malito’s percussion compositions are used for educational purposes. Specifically, these works strengthen students’ technical proficiency and musicianship. While smaller compositions focus on recital performances, Malito’s large percussion ensemble compositions are meant for the percussion classroom, having a full complement of mallet keyboard instruments (i.e., glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, and chimes). In addition, these classroom ensemble pieces have greater utility in the music classroom, having optional parts for less experience players. Visit for percussion teaching resources and compositions.

Bryan’s works Matekpo for marimba, and Mosaic Rhythms for percussion ensemble are being added to the ACNMP syllabus. Thank you!

Composer Spotlight Coreen Morsink

As part of our project to update our syllabus we are adding new works for brass and percussion. We would like to feature some of the composers that we are adding and help promote their hard work. Meet Coreen Morsink!

Coreen Morsink, Canadian/Greek composer and music teacher, is inspired by unusual microtonal tuning systems and ancient Greek music which she considers a springboard for her compositions. Her works have been premiered by Carla Rees, Chenoa Anderson, Karin de Fleyt, Kevin Komisaruk, Sophie Lanthier, Sarah Watts and Peter Sheppard Skaerved amongst others in Canada, USA, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and played on the BBC Radio 3. Her duo for violin and cello, A Stack of Human Dilemmas was premiered by Carol Fujino and Paul Widner of Continuum as part of PIVOT, her wind and piano quartet Excursions in Diversity was part of the 2022 festival Mondi diversi in Rovereto, Italy and her Symphony Call of the Dove was played in the TSO “Explore the Score” Reading sessions with Gary Kulesha conducting the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. In Greece, one of her piano miniatures will be part of the Celebration of the 70 Years of the Friends of Music in a concert at the Megaron Mousikis, Athens and in Arta presented by graduating class of the University of Ioannina. Her work for solo alto flute Andromache will be quoted in the The Cambridge Companion to Composition as part of composer Ken Hesketh’s upcoming article Ex uno plures: composing for solo instruments. In October 2023 her duo Under the Pomegranate Tree for alto flute and baritone saxophone will be premiered by Chenoa Anderson and Alison Balcetis at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her works for flute are published by Tetractys Publishing. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Coreen lives in Greece with her husband and children and enjoys swimming in the sea, flowers and nature.

Coreen’s work The Glass is Already Broken for solo marimba by Coreen Morsink is being added to our syllabus, thank you!


Composer Spotlight: Collen Muriel

As part of our project to update our syllabus we are adding new works for brass and percussion. We would like to feature some of the composers that we are adding and help promote their hard work. Meet Colleen Muriel!

Colleen Muriel (M.A. – music, B. Music, FRSM, FTCL, ARCT) is a Canadian composer living in London, England. The first two concerts of Colleen’s compositions were given in 1997 and 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. Since then her music has been performed and recorded in Canada, the USA, UK, Western
Europe, Bulgaria, Australia, Asia (including Vietnam and Japan), and Brazil. 
Her music has been featured on a number of radio stations and also been performed at The 15th London New Wind Festival; Sonic Boom (Vancouver Pro Musica); Women Composers Festival of Hartford, USA; Diamond Jubilee Concert (in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 50 year reign – London); and Music Fest Aberystwyth, Wales.
In addition her music is included in the Contemporary Showcase Syllabus of the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects (ACNMP) and the Canadian Music Centre. She is a member of The Association of Canadian Women Composers (ACWC) and her music is included in the ACWC Educational Music Catalogue Syllabus, Educational Piano Composition Syllabus and Choral Collective. She is also listed in the Compendium Musicae Flauta (the first international catalogue of flute music by women composers).

She has written and/or arranged well over 600 pieces of music for various instruments and ensembles ranging in style from simple folk melodies to the avant-garde. These works include chamber music (instrumental), a chamber opera, orchestra and choir music, string quartets, solo music for piano, flute,
singers as well as hymn tunes. 
She has published (El Flauto Records) a large number of sheet music books and CDs, all containing original compositions and/or arrangements.

Colleen’s work for vibraphone “A Meditation on Runyan’s Faithfullness” will be added to our syllabus. Thank you!