A New Work from John Estacio, Commissioned by Edmonton CS

Now and Then, a new solo piano work by composer John Estacio was commissioned by Contemporary Showcase Edmonton Society with the assistance of an anonymous donor to recognize the incredible contributions of Gladys Odegard.  Odegard was a founding member of Edmonton CS and through her many years of service, has fostered Canadian music and promoted its development and enjoyment.

Gladys’ vision was to have a work written to highlight and honour the extensive efforts of students, parents and teachers to maintain music studies throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The work is in 3 movements to show the three stages of pandemic life: before; during; and in better days ahead.

“John Estacio was the first clinician for the Young Composers’ Program which was organized in Edmonton in 1994 and continues to this day.  His ability to create a positive learning environment for young students and his ability to show them how to use the entire keyboard in their compositions was breath-taking.  He was a natural choice to be the composer for this commission.  We owe him our deep gratitude and thanks for accepting the commission request.”                                                        -Gladys Odegard, March 2022

The copyright states that the score of Now and Then may be downloaded for use at this year’s 2022 Contemporary Showcase Festivals.  After that, the work will be available through the Canadian Music Centre.

The level of this multi-movement work is as follows:

– any single movement: Grade 6. (Note that the 3rd movement would need an advanced, motivated Gr. 6 student)

– any two movements: Grade 7
– entire work: Grade 8